FOxC Peel

Peel the skin and FEEL in the skin
All skin

What is FOxC Peel?

Maintaining a healthy and clean skin consistently is not easy.

If hard to take care of the skin, FOxC Peel, once a week.

FOxC Peel helps maintain healthily and vitalized skin with active ingredients, potent antioxidants of berry fermentation and vitamin C & oxygen provision while improving skin texture and hydrating the skin.

Your skin

is different from others.

Manage with a customized solution for your skin.

AHA+BHA Dead cell removal
Blueberry Anti-oxidant
Cranberry Sebum Control
RCM Sebum Control
PSP Alleviation, Anti-inflammation
AHA Dead cell removal
Blueberry Ati-oxidant
Acai Berry Brightening
TVP Brightening
ASP2 Soothing
AHA+BHA Dead cell removal
Blueberry Anti-oxidant
Blackberry Revitalization
Cooper peptide Anti-wrinkle
Cornus florida Soothing, Anti-oxidant
AHA Dead cell removal
Vitamin C Brightening, Anti-oxidant

Reason to choose FOxC Peel

Post-program care

Drink enough water
Avoid alcohol and smoke after program
Apply sunscreen before exposure to sun
Able to expect better result with Homecare product