Signal to rouse deep inside skin
All skin

AHA BHA Dead cell removal

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Soothing & Hydrating
Rosemary Extract Anti-inflammation
Centella Asiatica Extract Anti-oxidant
Chamomilla Extract Soothing
Coral Prickle Complexs Soothing & Hydrating


[Microscope pictures]

Rich in minerals

200μm Coral calcium prickles

Natural 200 μm micro-prickles extracted from coral penetrate deep into the skin, normalizing delayed skin turn-over cycle without damaging the skin surface.

FCR is recommended to

Keratosis pillaris
Large pores, Acne Scars
Wrinkle, Elasticity degradation
Pigmented & dull skin

Reason to choose FCR

Skin change process after FCR

*Pain and symptoms may be different, depending on skin type

The day of the
1~2 days
3~4 days
5~6 days
7 days
Erythema and Warming sensation.
Prickliness 100%
Alleviated erythema and warming sensations.
Prickliness 70%.
Disappeared erythema and warming sensations
Prickliness 30%
Dull and darkening sensation
Starting flaky sensation
Flacky sensationDead skin cells are removed
Soften and clean skin

Post-FCR care